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The Car Check Premium system is a complete vehicle fleet management system that is suitable for managing any type of vehicle fleet including, from Hanley transportation in organizations, driver management, team management, customer management, supplier management, tracking system built into the system, rental contracts, leasing contracts, accident reports And damage, digital forms and more…

The Car Check Mini system is a system that supports external systems and is suitable for rental companies, leasing companies, companies with vehicle fleets of any size, driver management and vehicle exchanges, a built-in GPS system within the system for fleet management and real-time tracking of vehicles with the possibility of remote disconnection.

Yes, you can get the vehicle tracking platform even without the car check system, you can get details at the customer service.

In the Car Check systems there is no limit at the amount of the vehicle fleet, the system sits in the cloud and is not limited by traffic.

It is also possible to adapt the Car Check system to other systems according to the customer’s requirement.

The Car-Check system has an initial setup cost, after which there is a monthly payment for the number of users and an annual payment for backup storage in the cloud.

In the GPS system there is no limit to the number of vehicles, there is a backup system for all the historical movements of the vehicles that are sitting in the backup of the data of the vehicle.

In Car Check's tracking system, you can see the driver's name and his phone in real time on the map, you can disconnect remotely, you can limit travel areas, you can also limit travel areas only to a single vehicle, full alerts on travel conditions and more...

Yes, the system can also be obtained for a single vehicle, including an application for tracking and receiving notifications about the vehicle's condition.

The level of accuracy of the system can reach up to when combined with a high-quality receiver), we guarantee a positioning accuracy of 5 meters in the vertical axis and 3 meters when using the civil signal 95% of the time - before calculating the error arising (mainly) from the ionosphere. In practice, accuracy exceeding about 10 meters requires correction for ionospheric effects.

In the Car-Check system, you can back up the entire travel history, the stops, the speed at which the vehicle traveled, point-to-point kilometer data, and more...

It is also possible to connect to Car-Check's GPS system through the API and make adjustments to any other system.

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